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AGM Feedback - New Committee

Dear GarsB3 Community

We had a very positive and successful AGM with a great outcome. I would like to thank the community members who attended.
We can now proudly announce our new committee…

Firstly, thank you to our previous committee Wayne, Tanya, Elizabeth, Zanne & Jurgens for your hard work and commitment.
Thank you for your precious time dedicated serving our community.
Zanne and Jurgens will remain part of the new committee

Our new committee is as follows:
CHAIR: Tiaan Joubert
VICE: Hennie Rootman
SEC: Andre Pieterse
FINANCE: Zanne Kriek
RADIOS: Jurgens Human
PATROLS: Peter Maloney

Congratulations to all!
A warm welcome aboard, and thank you to all, for being prepared to serve your community.
I will always be part of my community and available to assist as this “labour of love” does not come with a manual 

A final request from my side… please be an INVOLVED community member. Many hands make light work!

Take care all.

Anneke Bodenstein

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Thursday, 31st May 2018


TIME : 18H00

FOR: A curry and rice evening.

COST: R10 per person


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